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Alright guys, I have a confession to make. I have a lot of experience with adult dating platforms (no, that’s not the confession, just keep reading), so I consider myself to be someone who is sufficiently knowledgeable about the online dating world. I’ve passed through dozens, maybe hundreds of these forums in my day, so I thought I knew all there is to know about them. There are prime indicators of whether an adult hookup platform is good or whether it is bad, and I have learned through my work to pay attention to these signs, and categorize the efficiency of the website appropriately when it pops up. However, as I recently learned, no matter how knowledgeable you are in a certain field, life always has a way of kicking you right to the dirt.

I got caught in the web of a fake adult hookup site

Now, this story occurred outside of working hours, while I was using an online hookup platform for my own personal use, to get laid of course. Because I was feeling a little adventurous that night, I decided to stray away from the list of established online hookup platforms that we had compiled, and try something new. Of course, knowing the indicators of a bad website right away, I knew that I had the tools necessary to keep myself out of the way of any online illegitimacy. At least, that’s what I thought. I ran into an adult hookup website that seemed to cover all of my necessary requirements, so I made an account, and started chatting up with the hotties on the website.

A chat bot got me, and she got me good

After a few boring textual conversations, I ran into this one hot broad, her name was Cindy. Cindy was a blonde cutie, mid-20s, and showing a lot of cleavage in her pictures. I thought, hey, what the hell, let me try my chances with hot Cindy over here. So I started chatting up with Cindy, and she seemed like the coolest woman that was on the website. She was into sports and ballet, and she loved that I worked in the adult hookup website business. She asked me about my family, what car I drive, and what my hopes in life are. She offered me some great advice about where I wanted to go in my career. Then, during a lull in the online chat, she invited me to an external website where she could offer me a strip show. Of course, I said yes, which was a huge, huge mistake.

I threw my money right into a scammer’s hands

I went to meet Cindy over at the site she spoke about, and got into a webcam exchange with her. I was surprised to find that the woman on the screen had a figure that was sort of like Cindy’s, but she was wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, which creeped me out instantly. She typed a message out to me asking me if I liked kinky stuff. Not wanting to seem like a boring old fogey, I replied that of course I was. She said to tip her an initial amount so she could start the strip show, which I did. The strip show that followed was extremely hot despite the mask, and I kept clicking the money button over and over again, wanting to see more. Eventually, when there was only the Guy Fawkes mask left on her body. She removed it, and I was horrified to find that the woman staring into the camera was a brunette pirate with an eye patch. I was scammed, and I was scammed good!

Learn from my mistake

Guys, artificial intelligence is rising fast. I thought I knew how to identify a programmed bot right away, but Cindy was able to trick me into think that not only was she an actual human being, but she was a smart, unique, compassionate one, too. Learn from my mistake, and don’t stray away from the list of recommended online hookup platforms on our website. Or else Cindy will find you, and she will trick you.