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On April 12, 2017
Last modified:January 27, 2023


I used to get so frustrated with Canadian dating services - But this isn't the case with eHarmony. You should try it. has performed beautifully during our thorough review process. We have recently concluded a 3 month long project where we analyzed several online dating websites from across the web to see how well they worked. Several of those websites performed poorly (so it goes), but several of them exceeded expectations and got us laid several times. Can you guess how well eHarmony performed? You probably can, because we already told you right from the beginning of this paragraph. Not only was eHarmony’s interface clean and easy to use, but the women on the site were absolutely gorgeous and many of them seemed ready to have a truly wild night. All in all, we got some great results from reviewing eHarmony, and you can check those out below.

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Putting eHarmony to the ultimate test of quality

Gauging the quality of an adult dating platform is by no means an easy thing to do; it requires great patience and efficiency, and you have to be on your A-game throughout the whole process. So we put on our best war paint and took to the races in composing our eHarmony review. Following our template procedure, we sent out 150 emails to hot female ladies on the website. Out of those 150 emails we sent out, we received 58 replies. At first, that’s not the most remarkable reply ratio out there, but the following results promised to be extremely exciting. Out of the 58 new penpals we made, we tried to set dates up with all of them. Because, of course, we were on this website for a particular reason: to get laid. As time went on, it was starting to look like our mission might just end up being accomplished — we managed to set up 40 first dates with the women we were chatting with. Out of those 40 dates that we set up, 35 of the women actually showed up, which is an extremely welcome ratio compared to the bogus online hookup websitesthat we had to go through. The best part of eHarmony is that we actually had crazy sex with 31 of the women that we went on the first dates with. That is an absolutely phenomenal result, and it ranks eHarmony among the very highest end of the adult dating quality spectrum.

eHarmony scams are a thing of fiction

We did not find any eHarmony scams while reviewing this lovely sex-generating platform, so that is certainly not something that you should be worried about. Understand that we fully acknowledge the need to come in with some sense of concern about adult dating sites and their legitimacy, since a vast majority of the online hookup websites out there are complete scams, filled with nothing but annoying old chatty virtual bots that waste your time trying to get you to spend money on a non-existent service. Avoid all that, and stick with the websites that work. is certainly working towards getting you laid every moment that you spend on the website.

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Really, what else are you doing with your night? Isn’t there something you’d rather spend your time doing, like getting laid? As human beings, there’s nothing more existentially productive than having sex. It’s what we were made to do, and we need to do it as often as we can. With sites like eHarmony, you’ll discover that you can actually have sex with hot women as often as you feel like, because eHarmony connects you to horny women right in your area. Visit the platform right now, and start seeing what eHarmony can do for you.

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