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Welcome to, where we provide some clarity when it comes to the efficiency of online dating websites. Working in this field, we are fully aware of the apprehension that potential users have when it comes to enrolling into an online dating website. Of course, the stigma that surrounds this sphere of the internet is that it is filled to the brim with chatbots and lowly scammers, and every user should tread cautiously before making any sort of liberal commitment. We know that this stigma is well-founded. From what we have observed through our work, 90% of dating websites on the internet are total scams that will provide nothing to users but a complete waste of time. You’ll want to avoid these websites at all costs, and can help you do that. We have reviewed over 300 online dating sites and have ranked them accordingly based on efficiency and legitimacy. In doing so, we have discovered that there is a huge spectrum of quality in online hookup platforms, and anyone reading this will want to find themselves using a website that is on the upper end of that quality spectrum. Whether you’re looking for a serious relationship, wondering how to get laid, or are mulling over some date night ideas, has all the tools to set you on the right path of your online dating journey.

How to choose the best online dating sites in Canada

Before we started working in the adult website reviewing field, we personally endeavored to get laid using online dating websites, so we know firsthand how hard it can be for the uninitiated to find the best online dating websites that would give them the best chance of getting laid. Well, the first bit of advice that we have for you is to keep your expectations reasonable while testing out any online hookup platform out there. If you expect too much out of any given platform, you are immediately setting yourself up for disappointment, and that’s something we’re looking to spare you from. Next, once you start navigating the website, you might encounter a textual conversation with an entity that is clearly a virtual chat bot. Their responses are automated, and there is no hint of personalization in any of their messages. If you encounter one of these conversations within the first 5 textual interactions that you have on the website, it’s time to pack your bags and look for something new, because chances are that you have found yourself on a website in which you will have to figuratively drag your feet through a muck of chat bots before finding a genuine hottie to chat with (if the genuine hottie even exists on that illegitimate site). Just keep trying out site after site, and eventually you will find yourself on an actually legitimate platform that works. From that point, the rest is mostly up to you. Send lots of messages to various hotties that you find on the website in order to increase your chances of getting laid. Speak to them online like a gentleman, and ask them out on a date when you find the opportunity. Then, to put it simply, you just need to go on the date and charm her into having sex on the first night! We know you can do it. Of course, to save you from the trouble of manually testing the websites out yourself, we have compiled a list of the legitimate, working adult dating websites out there, so browse through the content at to optimize your chances of having a casual fling as soon as possible.