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Match really is a scam isn’t it ?

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On April 12, 2017
Last modified:January 27, 2023


Think you've seen it all when it comes to intimate dating? Match is here to prove you wrong. If you want to date online, check out Match!, we are happy to say, is truly one of the best platforms that you can get your virtual fingers on. Really, if you make the commitment to give a shot, there will be no reason to even look any further for a good online dating websiteWe have recently wrapped up an extensive reviewing process in which we analyzed several online dating platforms in order to verify their efficiency and legitimacy. Now, at the end of that journey, we have emerged with a list of adult dating websites that actually work, and a list of them that certainly don’t. We are happy to say that has found a firm spot on the list of sites that do a wonderful job of hooking their users up with hot singles living nearby. We’ve shared the results below.

Logo of Match passed our review with flying colours

We are so proud of the work that was done by the management team to make their site so wonderful and easy to use. Going by our standard reviewing process, we sent out 150 emails to members of the forum. From those 150 emails, we received 79 replies, which is an absolutely amazing ratio. All of those replies were from genuine female users; no bots here! More on that below. At any rate, out of the replies we received, we tried to use our virtual wit and charm to see if we can get ourselves up on some hot first dates. Thankfully, the results continued to be promising: we actually managed to hook ourselves up with 55 first dates! What a wonderful number, and we were truly happy about it. However, as joyful as we were, we held off on any form of celebration until we actually went on all of those 55 dates and saw what would come of it. Well, we would be truly happy to discover later on that 50 of the women we were chatting with actually showed up on those dates. Want to know an even more wonderful statistic? Out of those 50 dates that we had, we managed to have some crazy, wild sex with 47 of those women! It was a wild, wild time, you can be sure of that. We had the joy of getting laid dozens of time using For that, we could not be more grateful. Even better, we get to pass the good news out to the world, so that everyone could be having as much no strings attached sex as they could possibly imagine!

We did not see any Match scams

No Match scams to be found here, folks. At least, we didn’t run into any of them. All that we saw through using the website was hot ladies living a few blocks away from us. That’s it, and that’s everything we need. Our review was actually a total breath of fresh air. Needless to say, we ended up reviewing a whole lot of undesirable websites during our quest to find the true ones, and this left a sour taste in our mouths. The only thing that could help that sour taste is having sex with hot women using online hookup websites that actually work. That was the exact remedy that provided us with. If you have the same sort of sour taste in your mouth from not getting laid, then you need to go see the sex doctor at, and you’ll be fixed right up.

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