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On April 12, 2017
Last modified:January 27, 2023


Think you've seen it all when it comes to discreet dating? is here to prove you wrong. » What a great community here! I don't have to waste time looking for a real dating site anymore

Any bachelor looking for a casual partner knows full well that sex can be a hard thing to find. The makers of knew this as well, and they named their company based on the current need for bachelors to find sex in the fastest, easiest way possible. Well, after conducting our SexFinder review, we have concluded that the website truly honours its namesake; sex was something not only easy to come by on this platform, but all of it was quality sex with lovely women who knew exactly what they were doing. Reviewing a website like is such a joy, because we have definitely passed a number of unworthy online hookup platforms under our lens before getting to a prime site like this. Trust us, you wouldn’t want to read our reviews on some of the lesser adult dating websites out there, and you certainly wouldn’t want to waste any time by using one of those sites. The only thing you should spend your time doing is navigating the virtual hallways of so that you can set yourself on the path to a hot one night stand tonight.

Logo of SexFinder passed our crucial test with vibrant colours

By the time we got to on our adult reviewing journey, we were so exhausted by the neverending stream of chatbots and scam artists that we had to endure reviewing prior platforms, that we really didn’t have the endurance to be so deeply disappointed again. Thankfully, would prove to be a source of extreme relief. After becoming a member on the platform, we emailed 150 hot women on the website and waited to see how many of them would answer back. While we waited, we built ourself our own custom desk out of oak and cedar. After we were done, we tallied up the amount of responses received, and came out with a total of 56, which is a great number to start with. We had textual conversations with all these women, eventually asking them if they would like to accompany us on a lovely night about town. 21 of these women complied, and 15 of them actually showed up on the date. Those are great numbers by themselves, but the best number of all is 13. That’s right, 13 of the women that we met up with through actually came up to our place at the end of the night for a cup of coffee. Of course, no coffee was poured or drank; we were too busy having wild one night stands. If we can have 13 casual sex adventures on the very first date using, then so can you.

SexFinder scams don’t exist on the website

If you’re worried about running into SexFinder scams while using this platform, then don’t be. The only thing that we ran into on this website was beautiful women looking to have a fun casual time. There are several online hookup websites that are filled with nothing but scams, but SexFinder is not one of them. If you’re asking the question “Is SexFinder working?” our answer is a resounding yes. works, and it works in a way that absolutely every single adult online hookup website forum should. Use this site yourself and you will personally see the wonderful gifts that SexFinder can offer you.

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