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Review of: Passion
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Passion customers

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On April 12, 2017
Last modified:January 27, 2023


Had a lot of fun! Just sit back, relax, and chat with some gorgeous ladies on Passion.

Looking for passion? Are you on some sort of search for it? Well, there is a certain online domain that you can visit that might have just the thing you need. is an online hookup platform that fulfills all the criteria that every online dating website should. Essentially, it all bowls down to whether or not the platform in question performs the task of connecting you to people in your neighborhood looking for the same sort of casual relationship that you are. Through our time spent reviewing, we discovered that this website is totally transparent in the type of service that it offers, and that it fulfills all of its obligations fully. This is a big breath of fresh air, because we spent a lot of time reviewing mediocre websites during our adult website reviewing project. Several adult dating websites out there don’t provide any sort of transparent experience; they’re just filled with spamming bots that don’t want to have sex with you in the slightest. Thankfully for everyone involved, Passion offers no such experience. All you’ll find here is legitimacy, and tons of women waiting to have sex with you. Some climb aboard the Passion train, and learn about the great results you can expect from this platform.

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Passion performed exceptionally well on our test

We followed the same procedure with Passion that we did with all the adult dating websites that were on our list of reviews. That said, 150 emails were sent to various hot sexy foxes on the website that we wanted to try and have sex with. From that initial number, 68 of the women replied to us, and they were all genuine human beings. This represented quite a good response ratio, so our test was off to a promising start. From those women that we started chatting with online, we managed to set ourselves up on hot first dates with 35 of them. Again, that’s a good number, especially considering that 27 of those women actually ended up meeting us in person. It’s great to have the idea of a first date in mind, but that idea totally becomes reality when you see the hot woman standing right before your very eyes. Best of all, we managed to seal the deal with 23 of the women we went on dates with. That’s right, 23 of those women were down with sex on the first date, and believe us when we tell you that they all had as good of a time as we had. From what we learned from our Passion review, there is no shortage of good, no-strings attached fun to be found on this lovely adult dating platform.

Is Passion working?

You might still be asking yourself, “Is Passion working?” Well, if you are, you need to scroll back up and re-read our results. From all the sex that we got using, the functionality of the site really can’t be questioned. works tremendously well in producing casual sex between its users. Give the website a shot for yourself, and you’ll see exactly what we mean. scams?

Like we said above, there were no evil chatbots that we encountered on the site. Passion scams have no place in reality. All that we found using the platform were beautiful, exotic women of all shapes and looks, and they were all ready to pounce on men in their area looking to hook up. You are a man living in a certain area, and you are certainly looking to hook up if you’ve read this far. Just know that there is a wild flock of women in your neighborhood, hiding under the cover of their homes, looking for a single dude just like you to come give them the kind of night that they’re after. Oblige them by visitng today.

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