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Review of: Spark
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On April 12, 2017
Last modified:January 27, 2023


Stop wasting our time! Don't settle for this Canadian dating site » there are better ones out there.

In our opinion, is definitely not the best online hookup website for any young single to use. With all of the other functioning adult dating websites out there, single people really have no reason to try Spark out. Sure, the name might be suggestive of a certain spark that you might have with a local single in your area, but it’s best not to judge a book by this cover. In this case, the book is; its cover is its name, and from our experience, that name is a big, fat lie. We put to the test to see how it rewards those who spend time using its services. The results are below, and they’re definitely not pretty. is clearly not working

Is Spark working? No, it really isn’t. Here’s why — we sent out 150 emails to several hot ladies that we found on the site. They were hot by their profile pictures, anyway; some of them were just bits of coding typed up into a chatbot program, but more on that later. From the initial batch of messages that we sent, 85 of the women replied to us. A good portion of them were chatbots, by the way, which is part of the reason why we only managed to set up 7 dates out of those 85 conversations. Only one of the ladies actually came to meet us on the date, and we didn’t even manage to close the deal with her. With all the crazy sex we were having through our experience reviewing actual functioning adult dating sites, we were extremely put off by the total lack of results that we had using

Fake Dating Site scams

Part of the reason why we didn’t get laid is because of all the Spark scams that were running rampant through the platform. We sure did see a lot of women on the site when we initially signed up, but we would later discover that those women had no physical bodies, that all that was behind the pictures of their flawless skin was total ether and binary code. We were extremely disappointed by the fact that we had to power our way through these chatbots in order to find the actual women on the site. When we did run into a real woman, it was as though we forgot what it’s like to actually talk to women. Just save yourself the bizarre learning experience, and choose a different virtual room to spend your time in.

Dating Sites like Spark

Spark did NOT succeed. Click to find the best Canadian dating sites.

is Spark legit?

Is Spark legit? No, “legit” is certainly not something we would attribute to This website totally falls short of what every online dating site should be doing. Of course, the thing that all of these platforms should be doing is providing a connection and a chat window to nearby singles. That’s it, and that’s all, and doesn’t even accomplish that mission in any sort of clearn fashion. It’s just disappointing, is all — we expected so much more. Spare yourself the pain and boredom, and find some other website to get laid.

There is hope for you yet

By no means should you take this review as any indication that it would be impossible for you to get laid online. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Our review here focused on only; there are certainly other sites that work. There are sites out there that do nothing but provide a clean, easy-to-use forum through which you can chat up lovely foxes right in your neighborhood. It get’s better after; you just have to find the right websites.

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