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On April 12, 2017
Last modified:January 27, 2023


Want to score tonight? is here to help, and what a help it is. You'll enjoy an amazing population of women and a solid, scam-free experience on CheatingHookup. You should definitely subscribe on this Canadian site

Gentlemen, welcome to the wonderful world of If you’re new to the world of online adult hookup platforms, then this might be your first and last stop. If you are a seasoned veteran in this field, who is tired of having to wade through an ocean of illicit online activity before finding a hot babe to lay with for the night, then will be your new sanctuary. Believe us, we know an online hookup sanctuary when we see one, having experienced first-hand the kind of gunk and grime that the internet can dish out when it comes to adult dating platforms. For every working adult website out there, there are another 10 completely illegitimate ones that serve no purpose other than wasting their users’ time. Thankfully for you, us, and everyone involved, is one of the best platforms not only in terms of being completely free from illegitimate activity of any sort, but also in terms of housing an insane amount of sexy ladies looking to have a hot one night stand with someone just like you. So, read on to discover exactly how well did on our scrutinous exam.

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Our examination showed AfairsClub’s amazing colours

We started off by sending 150 emails out to the hottest women we could find on After that, we proceeded to play several games of chess against ourselves as we waited to see how many responses we would receive. To our extreme delight, 66 of those women actually said “Hey” back to us, which is a phenomenal rate. To make it even better, as the conversations with these women rolled on, it became quite clear that they were all genuine women living in the real world, with no trace of any chatbot in them. Moving forward, we tried to set ourselves up on a first date with all 66 of these ladies, and 27 of them actually agreed to meet us. This was another successful step — 27 of the women wanted to take the stage of our relationship from penpal to potential sex buddy. We did not count our chickens before they emerged from their shells, however, since we have been stood up by a multitude of ladies in the past, and that’s definitely the worst feeling in the world. Thankfully, AffairsClub would not provide us with much disappointment in this regard — out of the 27 women who agreed to meet us for a night about town, 21 of them actually showed up! We absolutely beamed when we saw each of these women in the flesh, and we had a great time dating all of them, going to the carnival, to the museum, bowling, and over to the bar. The best statistic of all, and the one you’re probably waiting for: we managed to close the deal with 17 of these women, having insane sexual intercourse with them on the very first date. Take it from us — the women on are hot, they’re horny, and they’re dying to meet up with you right now!

Is AffairsClub working?

Is AffairsClub working? Well, didn’t you read the last paragraph of our AffairsClub review at all? Of course this website is working, and we have the naughty texts on our phones to prove it. AffairsClub scams are a total figment of the imagination, since we did not encounter one indication of a chat bot or scam artist while navigating through the platform. The only thing that AffairsClub had is the omnipresence of insanely hot rowdy women, and they’re all wondering when you’ll sign up and give a whirl.

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