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Review of: EasySex
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On April 12, 2017
Last modified:January 27, 2023


I HIGHLY recommend you to use this adult website to get laid with Canadian ladies.

Since is one of the more popular adult dating websites out there, we often get questions like, “Is any good?” Well, the answer to that question is a resounding yes, and here’s why. In an online world filled with scammers and bots, it is really a welcome surprise to run into an platform that does absolutely nothing but its core job of connecting neighboring singles together in a virtual environment so that they can harvest a sexual night together through conversation, flirtation, and maybe a drink or two. With, you are receiving the purest, most unfiltered online dating experience out there, and that truly is a rare, precious, and unequivocally beautiful thing. We have the results to back up our incredible enthusiasm for Really, our enthusiasm level of this site is quite maxed out, but in reality we’re kind of relaxed as we think back on our time with the, since we got laid so many times using the website that we sort of banged out our energy. We definitely don’t have any complaints about this state of relaxation we’re in, and you can experience too by using the services of

Logo of EasySex made quick work of our test

In our review, we sent out 150 emails to women on the website that we deemed insanely attractive, and then we held on and waited until we could verify how many of those women actually got back to us. Thankfully, the first number showed extreme promise — 87 real, non-robotic women answered back to us, and we engaged in long textual conversations about everything there is to life. Of course, eventually it came time for us to ask these women on dates, so we did. Amazingly, 52 of the women said yes, and 50 of them actually showed up to meet us for a night about town! As we began tallying up the amount of dates that we managed to have, we wanted to jump for joy, but we restrained ourselves. The absolute best ratio of all is the following: out of the 50 dates that we had with these women, we managed to close the deal with a grand total of 43 of them! Oh yes, we engaged in hardcore hanky panky with 43 insanely hot, curvacious women on We’ve emerged from the experience with romantic wisdom for all ages, and of course an extreme sense of relaxation.

EasySex comes with no scams or bots

EasySex scams are simply not rooted in reality, and everyone you hear talking about EasySex scams is a shameless liar. We know better than most what is to be found in the virtual hallways of, and we know from thorough experience that there are no scams or bots to be found in those hallways. Just talking about chatbots brings back horrific memories of navigating through fake online dating websites that are far from efficient when it comes to results. The site is replete exclusively with hot, single women in your area, looking for a quick bang. We know that’s what you’re looking for too, and we’re starting to wonder why you’ve even read this far through the article without visiting Would you rather be spending your time reading through adult dating website reviews, or reading through your textual conversations with women looking to embark on a sexual adventure with you? We know that the answer is the later, so check out the website now — making an account will instantly increase your chances of getting laid!

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