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On April 12, 2017
Last modified:January 27, 2023


Find another dating site. The women aren't hard to find, but they don't want to hookup. They act like you're sleezy if you bring it up!

We have noticed that, if you’re a single guy living in the world today, the chances are that, more often than not, you’re looking to get laid. Thankfully for you and everyone involved, there’s an awesome tunnel to getting laid that you can access at any time, and it comes in the form of online hookup websites Thanks to adult singles platforms, we can connect openly and instantly with dozens of singles living in our area.

At least, that’s what we would like to think. The overwhelming truth of the matter is that the majority of online hookup platforms out there are complete scams. We know this because we have spent a great deal of time in the last few months putting several online dating platforms across the internet to the ultimate test. was one of the websites on our list, and it is certainly on the lower end of the quality spectrum. Read the results of our On review below to find out exactly how poorly it performed.

Fake Dating Site left much to be desired

We followed our standard testing procedure with, sending 150 emails to female users on the website. After that, we waited around to tally how many women actually replied to us. Out of 150 emails, 81 women answered back and we got to chat with them. That’s more than half of the messages we sent out, which is actually an impressive ratio to start with. Continuing the lucky streak, we managed to set up 51 dates during the 81 conversations we were having with these women. However, our hopes deflated quite quickly when we discovered that, out of the 51 women who agreed to meet us on the date, only 3 of them actually showed up. Of those three, we only managed to seal the deal with one woman. While carrying out our On review, we were stood up dozens of times, which does not bode well for potential users of the website.

Dating Sites like On

On did NOT succeed. Click to find the best Canadian dating sites.

Is On working?

The answer is no, On is not working, at least not in the way that it should. It’s not right for someone to put so much time and effort into a particular endeavor only to be disappointed time and time again because the medium they were using left much to be desired. For people looking to get laid online, there are several other platforms that produce far better results.

Is On legit

Sadly, it doesn’t even stop there — not is severely lacking when it comes to efficiency and success rate, but we can’t say for sure that On is even legit. We certainly ran into our fair share of scamming bots on the website, which sometimes made it hard to navigate through the muck to find the sexy ladies. We’re not saying that the site is a complete scam hole, but there is definitely some fishiness going on in those virtual hallways.

Save your time and money

If you’re looking to enter the online dating world, and are thinking about On as the platform to start your journey with, then we highly suggest moving on and finding another website better suited to your time and money. There is potential for a decently functioning service here, but it’s buried beneath too much virtual mud and muck to be visible. is a total disappointment in the spectrum of adult dating websites, and you should progress to the more reputable platforms as soon as you can.

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