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Review of: Flirt
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On April 12, 2017
Last modified:January 27, 2023


The site is a mess to boot. You'll have one hell of a time even managing to wrangle the search system. We are unhappy with our experience on it.

We have noticed that is far from the best adult dating platform when it comes to getting laid. We would love to say that is a great place to visit if you’re looking to get your sex on, but we really can’t say that in any sort of truthful way. The fact is that we tested out as part of our mission to analyze the spectrum of quality found in online dating websites. Several of the adult hookup websites that we tested performed tremendously well, but was a long way away from making it at the higher end of the spectrum. In fact, this website showed some of the poorest results out of any adult hookup site that we tested. Read more about it below, but know this now: if you’re looking to start a journey into the online hookup world, is definitely not the place for you to start that journey.

Fake Dating Site did not pass our test at all

In composing our Flirt review, we put it through a thorough test that would answer the question, “Is Flirt working?” Spoiler alert: we already answered that question, and the answer is a strong no. Anyway, we typed up 150 flirting emails and sent them to the women we saw on the site. We waited and waited, solving several rubix cubes over the hours and throwing them in the recycling bin when we were done. After we took out the recycling, we checked to see how many replies we received. The total number was 61, which isn’t extremely bad. However, the results that follow certainly are. Out of the 61 conversations we were having with these online women, only 9 ended up with us arranging to meet the women on the date. This seems like excellent news at first, and anyone who didn’t know better would probably celebrate at this point. However, we held our judgement until the date nights unfolded, because by this point we were fully aware that the promise of a date is not at all like actually having a date. Thankfully we did not hold our breaths, because absolutely none of our online flirts actually showed up to meet us on the date. All 9 of them completely stood us up, as blatantly as can be. This was an insult not only to our honor, but to the honor of all men everywhere.

Dating Sites like Flirt

Flirt did NOT succeed. Click to find the best Canadian dating sites. scams

Oh yes, Flirt scams you, and it scams you big time. We’re not sure if this is due to a total lack of moderation and website management, or if the management itself is responsible for it, but we ran into one hell of a lot of chat bot spammers while using the website. Again, our sense of honour was stained when we eventually realized that we were going to have to shove our way past dozens of chat bots if we wanted any chance of talking to the real women on the site. Of course, for all we know, even the women we chatted with that we thought were real could have been just next level artificially intelligent chatbots. It’s a fun thing to think about, but we’ll never really know the answer.

Keep moving, folks

Nothing to see here. Just another virtual wasteland claimed by spam. Really, if the site did its job, we would happily place it at the high end of our spectrum, and we might even use it ourselves outside of work hours. The fact is that Flirt sucks, and you shouldn’t waste your time on it.

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