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On April 12, 2017
Last modified:January 27, 2023


Find another dating site. The women aren't hard to find, but they don't want to hookup. They act like you're sleezy if you bring it up!

In our opinion, is definitely one of the worst websites that we had the displesure of reviewing. We have reviewed a lot of online dating websites throughout our time spent reviewing various adult hookup websites throughout the internet, we we have since acquired a pretty good mental method of distinguishing between the good platforms and the bad ones. Be2 certainly belongs in the latter category. We have seen some mediocre sites before, but Be2 takes that term to a whole new level. Really, we’re not even in the online dating website development business (we only review them), but after using, we imagine that we could build a better adult singles platform in our sleep, in just a few days. We are not even exaggerating. Admittedly, we’ve just sprayed a bunch of fire over this forum before even giving out the facts about how poorly performed. Our readers might not even think we have those facts! Well, dear readers, rest assured that we do, and you can feast your eyes on them right here.

Fake Dating Site

Our Be2 results

The results speak for themselves here. We sent out 150 emails to those women on that we thought to be most bootylicious. Out of those 150 emails, 53 of them replied to us. Now, that wouldn’t be such a bad number to start with (however definitely not the best), but it must be said that a large portion of those replies were actually hidden chatbots! There’s no feeling quite a disappointing as when you receive a reply from a hot girl on a chat site, only to realize that it’s a meddlesome bot trying to direct you to another page so that they can take your money in a swift and clean fashion. Anyway, we tried to set up dates with the 53 women who responded to us (even the bots, because we had to give it a shot anyway), and only managed to set up 2 dates. 2 dates are better than none, after all, and we got all dressed up and waited for them to meet us at the designated location. To our major surprise and disappointment, these two ladies did not even show up on the date, nor did they call or text us to cancel. They just stayed home, or presumably did something else. This, of course, meant that we acquired no hanky panky from our time spent using this website. Not only that, but we got stood up in the absolute rudest way possible, and we simply find this hard to accept.

Dating Sites like Be2

Be2 did NOT succeed. Click to find the best Canadian dating sites.

Is Be2 working?

Is Be2 working? The simple answer is no, it doesn’t work at all. There is a myriad of Be2 scams that users have to wade through in order to get to the juicy stuff. In our experience, even when we got to the juicy stuff, those juicy women didn’t even show up to the dates! So, ultimately, the reward that you will reap through using this website will most likely not be worth the time you spent acquiring it.

Our Be2 review: use another platform

If you’ll be going by our Be2 review, then we definitely suggest you keep walking down the adult dating path and find yourself a site that actually works. Those exist, believe it or not, and before you know it they will get you laid. Start walking in their direction, and don’t waste any more time looking at

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