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On April 12, 2017
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This is a Canadian dating site that knows what it's doing: After being scammed so many times, I was worried about using » But I was wrong. This is a great website! is one of the best virtual rooms that you can spend your time in if you’re looking to get laid with hot local singles living in your neighborhood. If you’re looking to accomplish this task anytime soon, then EzDate is particularly suited for you since, from our experience, it produces great results, and produces them fast. There are several online hookup websites out there, and not all of them are built equally. We learned this the hard way, by spending a great deal of time on these sites during our project of reviewing several online hookup websites across the net. The fact is that some sites offer lukewarm results at best, and others just flat out do not work. However, as a silver lining, there is a pocket of online hookup websites out there that do their job tremendously well, and is one of those websites. Not only are there insanely hot women on the site ready to chat with you, but the vast majority of them seem to be abnormally horny, so your chances of getting laid are significantly high. We should know, because we spent a lot of time on the website in order to gauge its efficiency. Here are our results, and we have a feeling that you’ll be happy to read them.

Logo of EzDate came out with tremendous results

We have acquired a wide spectrum of different results at the end of our adult dating website project, and it’s clear that there is a wide gap of quality in this region of the internet. Thankfully, came out on top. We followed our pre-established process when reviewing, which starts off with us writing up 150 messages and sending them out to the hottest women that we could find on the platform. To our delight, 56 of those women ended up replying to us, and we started chatting with them from there. All of these women were real, by the way — no pesky bots to deal with on this platform, so that’s definitely a plus. That said, all the chats that we had were genuine conversations with unique human beings living nearby, and we cherished every single one of those textual exchanges. Of course, we were ultimately using this website for sexual exchanges, so when the time was right, we asked these women to accompany us on a first date about town. 22 of them compiled, and arranged to meet us at a specific time and place. We showed up and waited, counting 15 women who actually showed up on the date, which by itself is an impressive ratio. However, it pales in comparison to this ratio right here: out of the 15 women we went on dates with, we ended up having sex with a whopping total of 13 of them. Lucky number 13! We had sex a little over a dozen times by using, and that means that you can, too!

No need to worry about EzDate scams on this website

Is EzDate working? Yes, it absolutely is, and it’s doing so in a completely scam-free way. All of the users that we encountered during our stay at were genuine females, and we smelled no binary code during our conversations with them. This means that you won’t be constantly rolling your eyes in the back of your head as you run into bot after bot on a fake adult dating website. EzDate is nothing but fake; it’s the real deal, and you should check it out without haste if you’re looking to get laid anytime soon. Like, maybe tonight?

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