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On April 12, 2017
Last modified:January 27, 2023


I HIGHLY recommend you to use this one night stand site to get laid with Canadian women.

Living in our modern world of today, we know how hard life can be for young bachelors looking to get laid. Women you encounter in person at the bars and clubs seem so unapproachable, since all they’re really doing is fixing their eyes downward, staring into their phone screens. Even if you decide to be progressive and venture into the world of online dating for your sexual needs, the omnipresence of multiple scamming online hookup platforms can really put you off from the idea of endeavoring to find some casual love through this medium. We understand the trials that come with your lifestyle, and our heart goes out to you. Thankfully for you, however, we were a part of a project that included the thorough analysis of several adult dating websites from across the net, judging them from head to virtual toe based on their efficiency. During our time spent on this project, we did indeed encounter a great number of scamming, illegitimate online dating websites, but we also found several of these types of forums that actually work tremendously well in netting one night stands for their users. One of these websites is, and we give this site our full 5 stars of approval. Not only are all the women on the website extremely hot and wildly horny, but we did not encounter one bit of illegitimate activity (like scams or chatbots) while navigating through the platform. This bodes extremely well for young bachelors like you — now, you’ll have the chance of getting laid online without having to tread through all of that questionable virtual activity that stigmatizes online dating platforms. Continue reading below to find out exactly how well HookupCloud did on our test.

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We tested HookupCloud thoroughly, and it thoroughly passed

When we put our magnifying glass on, we endeavored to pass it through precisely the same sort of reviewing scheme that we did with the other adult dating websites on our list. Going by that scheme, we sent out 150 emails to several female users that we found to be truly beautiful on the site. From that initial batch of messages, we received a whopping 89 replies, which is an absolutely phenomenal ratio. A lot of the more lackluster websites that we reviewed only netted us a fraction of those replies, and many of them were annoying chatbots looking to waste our valuable time. So, from those 89 conversations that we were engaging in with these hot virtual foxes, we managed to set up a first date with 47 of them. That’s almost half of the amount of conversations that we were having, which once again is an amazing number compared to the standard adult hookup website. Better yet, 41 of those women actually showed up to meet us on our first date. Out of those 41 dates we had (which we all enjoyed, since each and every one of the women were kind and interesting), we managed to have no strings attached sex with 36 of them. What a phenomenal result! By reviewing, we actually got laid 36 times. For this reason, we really can’t complain about our job, and you shouldn’t hesitate before considering the services of

HookupCloud scams do not exist in this virtual network

HookupCloud scams are the first thing that would come to mind to anyone considering a membership on this website. Potential users will ask themselves, “Is HookupCloud working?” We totally understand this mentality, and we personally asked ourselves the same question before embarking on our own HookupCloud review. However, as we mentioned above, we spent a lot of time navigating through, and we did not ever run into one scam artist or one virtual chatbot. All that we found were insanely hot women looking to have some crazy sex as soon as possible. Give a try, and we’re confident that that is exactly what you will find as well.

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