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xxxPersonals dating site for Canadians ?

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On April 12, 2017
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It's a lot of fun! ›› I hate being on a dating website where I feel scammed, Our numbers speak for themselves – this booty call website works.

We have recently concluded an extremely long process during which time we detailed the exact level of efficiency of various online hookup platforms throughout the world wide web. This was a daunting task to take on at first, since there are so many of these sorts of platforms out there, and we have certainly heard the horror stories of the countless adult dating platforms that are home to merciless scammers who will grab your wallet right out of your pocket if they see it hanging there. However, we also knew that, if we were to stumble upon a working, legitimate platform, that our job would actually end up getting us laid, and we might in fact end up having quite a lot of hot sex if the platform worked well enough. Well, we are glad to come to this virtual intersection to tell you that is one of the best online dating websites in the entire internet. Being part of an industry that is known for such shady activity, is a shining light, a beacon of efficiency that all online hookup forums should strive to follow.

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Our unrestricted test of

In conducting our review, we held absolutely nothing back. Our goal here wasn’t to make friends, after all — it was to get laid, a lot, so we tried our best to do so. Normally, users will sign up to a site like and send maybe a couple dozen messages by the end of the week. However, our philosophy in this job was to “go big or go home”, so right after signing up to the website, we sent out 150 emails to the hottest women we could find on the site. After that, we laid back on our computer chair and counted the pores of paint in our ceiling. After we were done, we checked back on the website, and counted an extremely impressive 69 replies from that initial group of emails. 69 is the most promising number of replies we could have hoped to receive, and we proceeded with our review with some degree of optimism. So we got to chatting with our 69 penpals, and we tried to see if they wanted to come join us on a hot first date. Some politely declined, and a whopping 38 of them said yes. So 38 times, we put on our best casual wear, sprayed a bit of cologne (but not too much), and brought ourselves to the designated place at the designated time so that we could meet our sexy penpals in the flesh. As is the case with these sorts of ordeals, a few of them stood us up completely (which was to be expected), but not many of them. Actually, 29 of our beloved pen pals showed up to meet us on the date, and 27 of them could not wait to get back to our place to have some insane no strings attached casual sex. Really, it’s hard for us to say that we don’t have the best job in the world, since we got laid a crazy 27 times during our review. If we can do something like that, imagine what you could do if you spend a little bit of time on the platform.

Is xxxPersonals working?

If you’re asking yourself the question of “Is xxxPersonals working?” then you need to scroll back up and re-read that last paragraph. xxxPersonals is totally legit, and the site works in a way that we seldom see from other online hookup platforms. There are no xxxPersonals scams in plain view; the only thing we found on the website was hot vixens who really could not wait to pounce on us as soon as they met us in person. We aren’t Brad Pitt or anything, these girls are just insanely horny, and they’re waiting to pounce on you as soon as you make an account on

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